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About Binge Farm Fresh

Binge Farm Fresh is Kolkata’s leading solution provider in hydroponic farming and cultivation. With increasing long-term health issues we strive to consume nutrition-rich food; and keeping that in mind Binge Farm Fresh has taken the initiative of introducing hydroponics cultivation to B2B and B2C farms; providing organics with a click, serving outdoor and indoor cultivation training, and setting up a complete hydroponic farm to businesses and common people. Our company took the leap of unfolding the expansive benefits of hydroponic cultivation to farmers, SMEs, business owners, start-ups, and common people, by providing them with appropriate tools for detailed training, small to large-scale project development, business planning, marketing support, plantation, and crop management; all besides catering our fresh hydroponic farm produce to every doorstep! 

Our Story

We started our healthy journey on February 2022, after long years of explicit research and collecting data on the post-pandemic effect on nutrition consumption, crop management, soil profile, water quality, soil-produced vegetables, and herbs, and hyper-local market pull of Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, rural and geographically remote areas. We found out that we are still unknown to the long-term benefits of hydroponic cultivation, not only in terms of consuming high-nutritional content but also in the sphere of perennial farming without having to wait for the right season. Our farmers and local businesses need to be provisioned with the new and hygienic method of hydroponic cultivation, which is not “rocket science” at all, and our fellow citizens ought to have pesticide-free organics that can be easily grown within their perimeter, even as close as on their terrace or at the balcony. Hence to bridge this gap we started Binge Farm Fresh at the heart of the City of Joy, Kolkata with a vision to deliver hydroponically grown high-nutrition greens, and empower locals and farmers to grow organics with 97% less water and soil – thus abiding hyper-local businesses to supply fresh vegetables without much nutritional loss. 

  • To empower farmers and agripreneurs with new cutting-edge hydroponic technologies, training and cultivation. 

  • To train with offline, online, and on-site classes regarding the nutritional outlook, business aspects, governance, environment and technological aspects. 

  • To encourage common people with terrace, balcony, and small space hydroponic cultivation 

  • To assist farmers and businesses to set up poly house structures, and help them locally grow soilless nutritional greens.  

  • To procure more essential resources for hyper-local hydroponic cultivation and marketing

  • To ensure maintenance of the nutritional profile of hydroponically grown greens, fruits, and herbs 

  • To cater doorstep delivery of hydroponic fresh goods to every person 

  • To ensure growth in consumption of highly nutritious greens and fruits 

  • To establish cost-effective solutions to hydroponic cultivation 

  • To incorporate Agritech innovation in uncomplicated ways 

Core Mission

Our Vision

  • To expand our agritech business, and serve beyond Kolkata and West Bengal. To reach PAN India and encompass remote areas as well. 

  • To conduct worldwide online training, offline classes and onsite workshops more in numbers and educate people globally on the consumption aspect and the business aspect of hydroponic cultivation. 

  • To emit low-carbon footprint and create a more sustainable ecosystem through hydroponic cultivation. 

  • Monetize PAN India local farmers’ efforts and help them operate soilless cultivation with 97% less water and recyclable nutrition-rich water 

  • Bring international excellence in hydroponic cultivation 

Today, hydroponics is thriving worldwide. Research shows the global hydroponics market is expected to reach $17.9 billion by 2026. Indian hydroponics market is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.53% between 2020 and 2027.

We are one of the first few start up in India to do hydroponic farm setup. You can be part of this growing movement by investing in our company. We are offering shares to our investors. You can contact our founder for more details about our offerings.

Contact details:

+91 9830860793

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Binge Farm Fresh

Meet the Founder

My name is Rayaan Roy Mukherjee

He hails from Kolkata, the city of joy. An expert on hydroponics cultivation

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RR Mukherjee
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