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  • Outdoor Hydroponic setup
    Outdoor Hydroponic farm set-up takes larger space than the indoor ones, hence allowing more production and more sales. Binge Farm Fresh covers a 360 degree approach to the clients’ outdoor hydroponic project development. Our team covers each and every aspect of the project; for instance the technical aspects, the technological detail, Research and Development, sales and marketing approach, site feasibility, IoT automation, crop management, area analysis, climatic study, tools and training, governance, trade and dealings, hyperlocal commerce and much more. Binge Farm Fresh mainly aims on outdoor projects that has more than 5000 square feet area to work on, as that’s ideally the plot area estimated to commercially generate profitable hydroponic outputs. We offer different models of outdoor hydroponic farm foundation with complete year round automated set-up yielding continual production. Our project design starts from consultation and plot inspection, to the orientation work, crop selection and poly house structure development. Binge Farm Fresh specialises in both Fan & Pad poly house structure set-up and naturally ventilated poly house structure set-up. Moreover, Binge Farm Fresh helps in installation of hydroponic system that is based on clients’ plot area, types of crops selected and the ambiance / climate surrounding the set-up. These installations can be an NFT system, Dutch bucket system, fertigation, Deep Water Culture and other tech-infused methodologies.
  • Indoor hydroponic farming setup
    Binge Farm Fresh has brought solutions to smaller indoor spaces as well. The benefit of indoor hydroponic farm set-up is that one can have a close check on their indoor farm and the plant growth. With Binge Farm Fresh, one can have their own hydroponic farm set-up on their terrace or balconies as well. Indoor hydroponic is different than traditional terrace gardening or balcony gardening, as hydroponic cultivation does not require soil at all. It is 100% soilless and even takes 97% less water. Furthermore, the nutrient rich water is recyclable. The entire built-up generally follows a vertical set-up system, thus taking up small space, whereas yielding more production, as the plants are stacked one above the other in a very organised way. These requisites effortlessly benefits indoor hydroponic set-up. For indoor hydroponics farm establishment, minimum 300 square feet area is required. We help equip the indoor set-up with: NFT system, Vertical DWC System, Vertical Tower System, Grow lights, Dutch Bucket System For indoor hydroponic farm set-up, we also cover all the technological needs, basic Research and Development, technical set-ups, sales and marketing approach, IoT automation (if required), crop management, tools and training, government aspects for trade and commerce. With us, you can cater your own leafy vegetables and herbs; or even you can engage in hyperlocal commerce and delivery by growing your own greens indoor.
  • Online & Offline classes
    Binge Farm Fresh provides a detailed online hydroponics farming training in India. The classes are available in both Pre-recorded online hydroponics training LIVE online classes on hydroponic cultivation From the market overview to the entire tech incorporated operational hydroponics cultivation – everything is covered in our online training. The training will be provided in sections and each section has been divided according to planned modules that will teach different aspects of the hydroponic cultivation.
  • Offline training
    Our expert trainers offers offline hydroponics training to registered candidates by going through detailed history, overview, future scopes, operations and processes, commerce and trade aspects, governance and much more. The training is done in batches. The candidates will also be introduced to the set-up and shown LIVE cultivation process.
  • Offline Workshop
    Candidates are also welcome to join our LIVE offline workshops where the entire hydroponic cultivation and set-up procedures will be taught, shown and demonstrated. Also, it’s a great opportunity for people to build up a healthy network with one another.
  • About the Founder
    Rayaan Roy Mukherjee hails from Kolkata, The City of Joy. He has completed his graduation with Mass Communication and journalism. Born and brought up in the city, Rayaan has always been concerned about the quality of food that people are consuming. No matter how much people try to incorporate vegetables and ‘organic’ food into their meal, people are somehow consuming hazardous substances along with the vegetables. He further inquired, if these ‘organics’ are really safe to consume. To his surprise, the answer was a No! Even organic food contains soil born bacterias and has shown significant nutritional losses as they are traded from faraway rural fields. Rayaan made his detailed research on hydroponic cultivation, and did a certified training on this subject. He built up his expertise on hydroponics cultivation and it’s farm set-up and started his production. On February 2022, Rayaan’s brainchild Binge Farm Fresh officially got it’s name and has been fulfilling it’s mission of serving, educating, setting up and empowering people with hydroponic produce ever since. Rayaan has been working day and night, around the clock to meet the highest standards of set-up. He always have the zeal to bring the best version of any innovation. ……And, with that being said, this ‘MEET THE FOUNDER’ Page is going to be a bit different, as Rayaan also bring out best in something else, his personal life. Rayaan underwent Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) and he unleashed his soul that was trapped inside a female body. Rayaan wants to share his personal journey with you all! “It has always been a dream since I understood the feeling or presence of being a male or a female. I don't really remember the exact age but I do remember that I have always been dressed up as a boy, playing with boys, and growing up with them. I was born with two siblings, and both happen to be my sisters, but I was not the same as they were, I was different, to be more precise. I was labelled as a tomboy. Though I was merrily enjoying my tomboy attitude, the real hindrances arose when I was in the sixth grade, and started developing my body differently than a boy physically and introduced menstruation a year later. That is when I started hating my body...Something didn't feel right. With time passing by, the feeling of being a male engulfed more within me and on the other hand, being trapped in a female body only made me hate myself more. Furthermore, our society plays a very crucial role in this taboo, the role of paying unnecessary criticism, prying and the audacity to bully, misbehave and make fun of a common emotion which is Love. I have been bullied, judged, hated, laughed at, demeaned, looked at curiously as if I'm an alien, forced to wear female clothes, and beaten up for loving a girl. I have bygone all of that. My parents were conservative but they accepted me the way I was, only with the condition of not changing my physical identity. I just wanted to make them understand that it's okay to be what one wants to be and that Love has no race, creed, religion, or sex. Love is Love. After my parents' demise in 2015 at the age of 31 years old, I underwent Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) after which, I finally got the opportunity to live the life I wanted and I didn't miss it for a chance. The only regret would be I will never be able to make my parents see me as what I wanted to be, or they might be seeing me now from Heaven! Since the surgery, a lot has changed, mostly physically. I feel free and I love the presence of my own identity, what truly I am. I no longer feel any extra baggage on my body that needs to be suppressed, I feel more masculine inside and out. I feel myself. Yet there were complications of pain, infections, immunity disorder, weight gain, etc but all that is worth the freedom to live in your own identity. I would suggest and advise more people to come out of the stigma, stand up for themselves and take the step forward to Love themselves first because that's who you'll spend the rest of your life with.” “Accept no one's definition of your life, define yourself." RAYAAN ROY MUKHERJEE This urge of choosing the best version, also lead Rayaan to bring out solution to producing soilless and pesticide free hydroponic cultivation. With this, he also wishes to welcome more beautiful people like him to work with him in this initiative. Rayaan voices his support to LGBTQ+ Community, to transgender community and to the people who still are in the closet or afraid to come out and face the world. He welcomes all those wonderful souls with warm heart to be a part of Binge Farm Fresh community, where they can start healthy and they can start fresh!
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