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Lollo Rosso Lettuce is grown hydroponically by Binge Farm Fresh. The Lollo Rosso Lettuce are tender, mildly sweet, sometimes semi-bitter in taste. It is crisp, slightly juicy and chewy in taste. The leaves are curly and frilly with a wide fan-shaped body. It can make a transition to deep maroon colour especially around the edges. Lettuce Lollo Rosso is rich in Vitamin A and C, potassium, folic acid, folate and fibre. 

Lettuce Lollo Rosso

SKU: 0003
  • After taking the Lollo Rosso Lettuce out of the packaging, wash them thoroughly with cold water. It can be cooked or eaten raw. You can add in your salads, wraps, burgers, sandwiches. You can also sauté them, or give them a brush with olive oil and slightly grill them. You can also layer them in burgers, wraps and rolls. 

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