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Bagel BLT Sandwich

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Cooking Method(s) Used



Jewish, Polish

No of Serves


Proficiency Level


Preparation time

1 hr

Cooking Time

20 minutes

Total Time Required for Recipe

1 hr 20 min

Ingredients for Bagel

  • Milk 100ml

  • Dry yeast 20gm

  • Sugar 1 tsp

  • Salt 1 tsp

  • Eggs 2pc

  • Flour 3-4 cups

  • Butter 20gm

  • Oil 1 tsp

Ingredients for filling

  • Bacon / Grilled chicken/ Fried eggs

  • Tomato slices 4 pcs

  • Farm fresh Lettuce 2pcs

  • Cheese

How to make Bagel BLT

Take a large bowl and add warm milk to it along with the sugar and dry yeast. Let the yeast get activated. You will know once you see bubbles at the top. Then, add egg, melted butter, sugar and salt. Give it a good mix and add flour. Stir everything well and knead for 5 minutes on a flat surface and make it into a smooth dough. Then, oil it and let it rest for at least 1 hour or until it doubles in size.

Once the dough has doubled in size, take it out on a floured surface. Knead for 1 more minute and shape the dough balls making a small hole in the centre🥯. Then, cover these and let them rest for 20 more minutes.

Grease the baking sheets and keep the boiled bagels on them. Garnish with sesame seeds and bake for 20 minutes at 200C or until golden brown from the top.

Filling: Add some crispy bacon🥓, juicy tomatoes 🍅, cheese🧀 and farm fresh Lettuce 🥬. Serve them as delicious sandwiches.😊

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